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PANJIT targets to be the No.1 global discrete semiconductor solution provider, and a trustworthy partner of customers, employees and environment.


PANJIT is a public company founded in May 1986. We are a semi-conductor manufacturer, and have IATF-16949,ESD S20.20,ISO-9001,ISO-14001,ISO-45001 certifications etc.

  • Vertical Integrated Technology

PANJIT is vertically integrated with IDM design capability, own wafer foundries and state-of-art production lines. With insight observation and core technologies, PANJIT is able to continuously launch low profile products and accurate power rating devices which conforms to the customer needs.

  • Customer Focus

PANJIT always thinks ahead to define the right customers that will benefit by using our products and obtain additional values. Only make promises that are achievable. It is everyone’s due diligence to know what customers are looking for.

  • Innovation

Innovation is a procedure and a belief on how we can provide products with added values to customers, while continuous self improvement is also another form of innovation. We always encourage different voices, accept mistakes, seek new challenges and innovate to drive organizational growth.


Provides Low/Medium/High voltage MOSFET to match circuit structures,and by combining the applied product design and experience, we could offer customized product.


Provides low forward voltage losses which can improve the power efficiency and low leakage current to improve the stability of the reliability.

  • Small Signal Schottky (IF < 1A)
  • Power Schottky (IF ≧ 1A)
  • Super Schottky (Low VF)


SiC devices have low on-resistance and superior high-temperature, high-frequency and high-voltage performance, become devices for the next generation semiconductors.

  • SiC Diodes (VRRM = 650 - 1200V, IF = 2 - 20A)


PANJIT provides various type of Rectifer including General Purpose.Fast recovery, Ultra Fast recovery and Super Fast Recovery Rectifer.

  • Small Signal Switching Diodes (VRRM = 50 - 350V)
  • General Purpose Rectifiers (VRRM = 50 - 1700V)
  • Fast Recovery Rectifiers (TRR = 150 - 500ns)
  • Ultra Fast Recovery Rectifiers (TRR = 50 - 100ns)
  • Super Fast Recovery Rectifiers (TRR = 20 - 50ns)
  • FRED (VRRM = 600 - 1200V , IF = 4 - 60A)