EMI Suppression Filter

Bảo hiểm sản phẩm:

      • AFIN Series

      • ALCM Series

      • AMB Series

      • AMC Series

      • ARCM Series

      • ATCM Series

      • ATCM_HDMI Series

      • AXCM Series

Đặc điểm:

    • High impedance for common mode noise and low impedance for differential mode signal.

    • Large rated current available.

    • High stability due to pair wire windings.

    • Wide band or sharp type impedance available.


Mã phụ tùng.:

Đặc điểm:

    • Chip common mode filter for large current applications. For each series, there is excellent common mode impedance and noise suppression in a compact case.

    • Compatible with high-density portable devices, which are always being made smaller and lighter,because the height has been reduced.


Mã phụ tùng.:

Đặc điểm:

    • Monolithic inorganic material construction.

    • Colsed magnetic circuit avoids crosstalk.

    • Suitable for flow and reflow soldering.

    • Excellent solderability and heat resistance.

    • High reliability.


Mã phụ tùng.:

Đặc điểm:

    • Combination of high frequency noise suppression with capability of handling high current.

    • The current rating up to 6 Amps with low DCR.


Mã phụ tùng.:

Đặc điểm:

    • Low profile,only 1.65mm.

    • High current up to 300mA.

    • Rated voltage:80 VDC(42 VAC).

    • Flammability corresponding to UL 94V-0.

    • Climatic category 40/105/21.


Mã phụ tùng.:

Đặc điểm:

    • This common mode filter is characterized by its small sized

    • Highly effective in noise suppression. High common-mode impedance at noise band and low differential-mode impedance at signal band.

    • Due to the low differential-mode impedance with High coupling factor, there is almost no distortion on high speed signal.

    • This series is micro-produced by auto machines for its huge productivity and accuracy with all-day CCD inspection


Mã phụ tùng.:

Đặc điểm:

    • These are a series of broadband common mode filters developed for high-speed differential signal interface,such as DVI and HDMI.

    • The cutoff frequencies in differential mode for ATCM2012DB and ATCM2012HB are 3.5 GHz and 6.0GHz respectively,so it don’t interfere with high-speed differential signals.

    • The characteristic impedance is approximated to 100Ω conform- ing to the TDR standard for HDMI.


Mã phụ tùng.:

Đặc điểm:

    • Small size and tight dimensional tolerance.

    • High common mode impedance up to 90ohm(at 100MHz) is available.

    • DLM11S series enables noise suppression for differential signal line without distortion in high-speed signal transmission due to its line impedance matching.

    • High Cut-off Frequency.


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