Arlitech Electronic Corp. participates in the 2022 Japan Communication & Broadcasting Week -Mobile Network Technology for 5G/IoT Expo.

  According to the estimates of the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA), the global 5G private network market will reach US$99.1 billion in 2030, and the global manufacturing industry is more active in using 5G for digitalization than other industries. In addition to the formulation of 5G standards, 5G private networks have been built in many factories for smart factory application verification. In Japan, the size of the 5G market has grown by about 71.3% annually since 2020, and the market size is expected to reach about US$12.381 billion in 2030. In view of this trend, Arlitech Electronic Corp. passive component products of this exhibition will seize this opportunity to seize the demand gap in the Japanese market with excellent quality and reasonable price.


  Japan Communication Week is hosted by Japan Reed Exhibition Co., Ltd. and will be held in Tokyo Big Sight in June 2022. It will bring together products/technology companies from 5G/IoT, optical communication, 4K/8K technology, image communication and other related products/technology companies Come to participate in the exhibition, this exhibition has always maintained a pivotal position in the industry, and will attract professional visitors such as telecom operators, communication system manufacturers, broadcasters, industry users (medical, security) every year.


  In the second half of 2022, when the epidemic situation is gradually slowing down, Arlitech Electronic Corp. will also participate in the Network Technology for 5G/IoT theme exhibition of Japan Communication Broadcasting Week. The manufacturers participating in the grand event will also include 5G communication systems, active antenna systems, and wireless bases. Station Facilities, Distributed Antenna Systems, Antenna Equipment, Mobile Station Equipment, Power Supplies/Rechargeable Batteries, Connectors, Modulators, Concentrators, Sensors, Power Conditioners, Wireless LAN Equipment, Wireless LAN Access Points, VPN Routers , frequency converters, ISM frequency band automatic matching units, device drivers, sensors/chips, measurement/detection equipment, IoT solutions….etc.


  Arlitech Electronic is going to demonstrate our Power Inductor Product Series, Fully Parts Service Supply Chain and, IoT Design Solutions. Welcome Telecom Operators / Broadcasters / CATV Providers / Post Production / Visual Equipment Rental Companies / Communication System Manufacturers / Broadcast System Manufacturers / System Integrators / Network Engineers / Operators / Data Center Providers / (Medical Field / Entertainment Field/Security Field/Education Field/Display User/IoT/LPWA User)/Electrical Company, Professionals of Production Technology, Manufacturing Technology, Design, Research and Development, Production Management, Quality Assurance, and Procurement in the above-mentioned industrial fields come to visit and contact.