Arlitech participates in the 5G-enabled industrial control application webinar

  5G applications are the key to the transformation of the digital economy and industry. In order to lead users into the era of 5G intelligent management, Apacer held a lecture on "5G Empowers Industrial Control SSD Storage Applications to Create New Business Opportunities for Netcom" on April 26, 2022.


  The main purpose is to bring together major domestic related companies to discuss in-depth topics such as 5G, Netcom, Internet of Things, IoT applications, and smart manufacturing, and to share successful application cases in the field of Apacer Netcom.


  Arlitech also took this opportunity to participate in the grand event, and exchanged technologies and successful cases with the world's major IoT, Netcom, Industry 4.0, and mobile communication brands through video chats. Apacer has been accompanying customers on the road of innovative technology, creating highly flexible and compatible storage and memory solutions to meet new network architectures and Netcom applications.


  Similarly, Arlitech has been moving towards a comprehensive solution for IoT applications and IoT life application hardware devices for many years. Arlitech's good market operation capability allows us to occupy a pivotal position in the supply of passive components, MCU, IC/DIODE/Resistor, Flash/DRAM/EEPROM, SPI Nor Flash and other parts. We will continue to improve our R&D capabilities, actively participate in such related activities held by Apacer, pay close attention to new industrial technologies and develop new cooperation opportunities with major Internet of Things, Netcom, Industry 4.0, and mobile communication brands.