How Does Xiaomi Choose Inductors in Mi USB Lights and Portable Devices?


  How Does Xiaomi Choose Inductors in Mi USB Lights and Portable Devices?


  Xiaomi, one of the largest smartphone suppliers globally, is known to be more than a smartphone supplier. As far back as 2013, Xiaomi had launched the MIoT ecosystem to build up an IoT community that includes more than 400 companies until now. Later in 2014, the Mi router, Xiaomi Pad, Mi Band had been successfully put into the market. The series of actions show how actively Xiaomi has devoted effort to IoT and its related products. The revenue of “IoT and consumer products” increases every year, and Xiaomi is already considered as an IoT service provider with a wide variety of technology products.


  To differentiate the brand strategies, Xiaomi has acquired and invented several sub-brands, which include Redmi, POCO, Xiaomi Mijia, Black Shark, and ZMI, and all of them require nice functional components for their products.

Fig. 1 Xiaomi and its sub-brands, which include Redmi, POCO, Xiaomi Mijia, Black Shark, and ZMI (Source: Xiaomi, Wikipedia)


  Xiaomi and its sub-brands have chosen Arlitech as their inductor supplier


  There is a list of products from Xiaomi and its sub-brands: wireless car chargers, power banks, portable handheld fans, USB LED lights, and LED flashlights. These products are all sold well in the market with their affordable prices and nice functions. For instance, to satisfy people with different consumption levels, they can always thrive in harsh and extreme environments.


  As a brief overview, Mi wireless car charger is compatible with various smartphones, and the 360o-rotating holder is designed for drivers to easily position their smartphones with great visibility. Besides, it is equipped with fast charging feature, just like Xiaomi’s other power banks. For Xiaomi’s power banks, they are with fashionable designs and support a wide range of capacities. For the USB LED lights and LED flashlights, they are known to be compact, bright, and convenient. More than that, the flashlights can enter SOS mode for emergency use.


  It is interesting that as a common point, the products addressed above all have Arlitech as the inductor supplier. In the next section, you will know why Arlitech inductors can be applied to the products of Xiaomi and its sub-brands.

Fig. 2 Arlitech inductors were applied to Mi car chargers, Mi USB lights, and LED flashlights and handheld fans of Xiaomi’s sub-brands


  With certified quality and abundant product lines, Arlitech inductors are great choices for Xiaomi

  Established in 2001, Arlitech is a leading inductor supplier in China and other regions, and it has subsequently developed high-quality RF/DIP/EMI/SMD inductors, high current power inductors, and automotive grade inductors at reasonable prices. It is worth mentioning that all Arlitech inductors are RoHS compliant and certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 (some of them even pass IATF16949), and their operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +125°C (including self-temperature rise). Hence, they can meet the requirements of Xiaomi and its sub-brands, as well as support a wide range of products. Among the inductors, AMPI and ATNR series are mainly used in slimmer electronic products such as wearables, smart gadgets, handhelds, and mobile devices.


  • In general, the high frequency—up to 750 kHz—AMPI series is applicable for power banks. Manufactured by metalcore, it performs well with low DCR and high Isat. Moreover, the maximum height of 3 mm makes it compact and low profile. Overall, the AMPI series has the characteristics of low impedance, low power consumption, and high efficiency and performance.
  • The ATNR series can be applied to many different products in various industries as it is designed in multiple sizes and medium current for customers to choose from; for example, low profile ATNR inductors are suitable for thin electronic product applications. The performance of ATNR series is on average, and its structure is capable of preventing dropping impact. Compared to the AMPI series, the ATNR series is much more cost-effective.

Fig. 3 The characteristics of Arlitech AMPI series & ATNR series.


  To sum up, Arlitech provides inductors with certified quality, great performance, abundant product lines, and reasonable prices, no wonder Xiaomi and its sub-brands have continuously chosen Arlitech as their inductor supplier.


Arlitech Inductor Series

Products of Xiaomi and its sub brands

AMPI1050 / AMPI0640

Power Banks


USB Reading Lamps


Portable Handheld Fans

AMPI0630 / ATNR6028

Portable Flashlights


Wireless Car Chargers